Sprinkler System Winterization

Winterizing your home irrigation system is crucial to prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures. Even though underground, sprinkler heads, valves and pipes are exposed to extreme temperatures and weather all winter long. Water left in your sprinkler system can crack the sprinklers or strain the pipes without any visible damage.  It is highly recommended to have a professional complete your sprinkler system winterization. All American Irrigation Systems has the expertise and specialized equipment to complete the process. If your winterization is not completed correctly there is a  potential for costly damage.

AAIS will be thorough in winterizing your system, which involves draining all water from the system to prevent frozen water from causing damage to pipes, valves, sprinkler heads and other components. We will locate and drain water from all components to minimize the risk of freezing. AAIS will handle all aspects of the process, from shutting off the water supply to ensuring that the system is properly prepared for winter. If water is left in your system, there is a possibility that it will freeze, expand and break some or all your parts.

Proper winterization also makes it easier to start up your sprinkler system in the spring. All American Irrigation Systems will ensure that your system is in good condition and ready for use when warmer weather arrives.

When winterized correctly, your lawn sprinkler system will be ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it over the winter season. October 1st thru December 15th is the optimal time window to winterize your lawn sprinkler irrigation system.

Protect your home sprinkler system by performing a winterization service!


$95up to 8 zones


$125up to 8 zones

System Winterization & Startup Bundle

$175up to 8 zones
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Insulated Pouch


Pouch can be placed over pipes and backflow preventer devices to protect from the cold and harsh weather.

Freeze Protection Valve


The Freeze Protection Valve protects backflow preventers from freezing when installed according to manufacturer’s instructions.

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